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Every bucket of pucks I empty and every mile I run become a part of me,
a part of who I am, and a part of my passion for the game.

The Sher-Wood EK15 is meticulously hand-crafted in that mindset.
Years of development have resulted in the lightest and most responsive stick on the market.


-Bobby Ryan, Ottawa Senators
EK15 Technology

The REKKER EK15 features the new EKORE technology which is a handmade manufacturing process requiring precision and attention to detail second to none.

  • Constructed with an ultra resistant carbon fiber which is 30% lighter than the competition.
  • More durable than what can be built by machine, eliminating any surplus materials and defects
    which can result in pre-mature breakage.
  • Production time is eight times longer than the mechanized method.
  • Provides a consistent flex throughout the shaft creating a perfect balance between lightness
    and sustainability.

The new high performance stick weighs an incredibly light
385 grams.*

  • Lightest and most responsive stick in the industry!
  • 45 grams lighter than the Nexon 12 and 65 grams lighter than the T100.
  • The light weight construction combined with the low flex profile enables players to load the
    shaft quicker and get their shots off faster than ever before.
  • Unmatched balance, power and feel.
  • * PP26 - 85 flex

In order to provide players with the most responsive and vibration free blade in the industry, the EK15 features the second generation of the Vibration Reduction Foam Core (VRF) technology.

  • New high density foam breaks down much slower than other blades keeping that new stick
    feel for longer.
  • The carbon bridge in the middle of the blade ensures that the blade remains stiff longer for
    vibration reduction and optimal puck control.
  • Each step of the blade’s assembly process is done entirely by hand.
  • Completely redesigned high performance blade which leads to more powerful shots and a greater,
    more tangible feel of the puck.

The low kick point enables the bottom part of the stick to bend and to get the shot off faster.

  • Engineered for maximum energy output, the low kick maximizes loading for better control
    and precision
  • One-piece spear construction for effortless loading and an active response.
  • Perfect for player who shoots in close and takes snap and wrist shots.
  • Responds quickly to all critical situations.
EK15 EK15


Ottawa Senators
Bobby Ryan

Can you discuss
your relationship
with Sher-Wood?

My relationship with Sher-Wood started young, as soon as I was drafted. When I started to make my way into the hockey scene I started with them. A friend of the family actually worked for them at the time and gave me a stick to try and said: 'Here you go'. Within about five minutes of using it I knew it was going to be the best stick that I’ve ever used. I retired the stick and still have it today. I just thought that this was a smaller company than most, a company that seemed to be struggling at the time, but was taking all the necessary steps to get better each year. As they’ve done that, I’ve been able to do the same thing. I owe a lot of what I consider my success to Sher-Wood because they put out such a great product every year that I’m able to rely on it. I have a great relationship with all the people in the company and I can call them and say listen this is what I’m thinking for next year. There’s a little give and take because they’re a small company, there’s not just putting me on the phone with their equipment rep that’s in that category. I can pick up the phone and call the right people and we can get things done right away.

Tell us what is so special about Victor Idaho.

Being in Victor and away from everything has been great for my individual training. The fact that it’s at a higher altitude, translates into good things coming home. I think that it’s a chance to escape from distractions. Whether that’s going out on the week-ends, hanging with friends or late dinners, it gives me a chance to separate myself from that and focus on the task at hand. Like any player can tell you, the task at hand is preparing your body for nine months of a grind.

What kind of advice could you give to aspiring young people trying to reach their hockey goals?

Know what works for you. You don’t have to go out and squat 280 pounds or bench 250. Just know your body and you’ll learn that through continuous exercise, once you figure out what works for you, stick to that and don’t feel like you have to be the toughest guy in the gym or the biggest guy in the gym. Just know the ins and outs of your body and work to them.

What can you tell us about the new EK15 stick that you are using this season?

The EK15 is going to be a ground breaking stick. Take this stick and compare it to any other shaft on the market, it’s 40 grams lighter! That’s something no one has even tried to do before and it’s handmade. Other sticks are just run through machines, they are mass made and sent out. Sher-Wood is taking about two hours per stick to craft these and you get a sense that there’s a bunch of individuals behind these that are taking some pride in them. I think it’s going to hit the ground running and I think it’s going to be a ground breaking stick for years to come.

What was your first impression when using the EK15?

I picked it up and couldn’t believe it. My initial reaction was that I couldn’t ever remember holding a stick that felt that natural and that light in my hands. After getting a chance to spend some time with it on the ice it’s just as durable, if not more durable than any other stick on the market. I think it’s a stick that has all the qualities that you want in a stick. The response is good, the puck comes off the blade well, the kickpoint is just the right way, the lie is perfect. It’s just a stick that I think will last a long time.

Can you tell us about your goals and aspirations?

I think at this point in my career, the goals don’t change much from five-six years ago. They’re the same, like any player, I want to win a cup, to get better every year. In my specific category as a goal scorer I want to give my team a chance to win every night. Those are my NHL goals, aside from that, my other goals are to get to wear that crest again in Sochi in 2014 and hopefully again in 2018 as a 30 year old. They’re plenty of things I’m trying to aspire to, I’ve set the bar pretty high, but it’s the only way to keep climbing and looking forward.

Can you compare the attention to detail in crafting a handmade stick to the attention to detail in your training regime?

I think you can relate a hand crafted stick and a player’s summer training regiment pretty easily. They go hand in hand. You look at what a player goes through to get ready for a season and how there’s a sense of pride to come into camp in shape and a sense of pride to take care of your body throughout the summer. You can relate that to whoever is making the stick because there’s a sense of pride in the product that they’re putting out there. If you’re taking steps to make a hand woven stick it means that you want to do something different than mass produce. You want to appeal to each and every user and I think that’s what hockey player’s look to do as well.

I couldn’t ever remember holding a stick that
felt that natural and that light in my hands.

Michael Soule

Hockey stick specialist
Michael Soule

What is the weight of the EK15?

The EK15 is the lightest stick on the market and weighs 385 grams (PP26 85 flex).

With the EK15 being so light, how can it also be durable?

The innovative and highly sophisticated handcrafted process requires 8 times longer to produce than the mechanized method, eliminating any surplus materials and defects which can result in pre-mature breakage.

What are the new features of the EK15?

The new features for the EK15 are the EKORE technology and the VRF.2 blade.

What is the EKORE technology?

The EKORE technology is the process of meticulously making a stick by hand with a new ultra light and ultra strength carbon fiber which is 30% lighter than the competition.

What is the VRF.2 blade?

In order to provide the most responsive and vibration free blade ever made, a new high performance foam, as well as an additional carbon fiber bridge have been added to stiffen the blade and minimize the stress caused by constant contact. Torsion is reduced for a more accurate shot and optimal puck control.

Is the EK15 a true one-piece?

The EK15 features the spear shaft technology. This means that the stick is a true one piece and not a fused shaft and blade. This results in a more responsive stick and an improved tangible feel of the puck.

What is the flex profile of the EK15?

The EK15 has a low kickpoint design, meaning the stick flexes in the bottom portion of the shaft for a quick and accurate release.

What sizes and patterns are offered for the EK15?

The EK15 is available in senior 95, 85 and 75 flex in the PP26, PP88, PP92, PP09, PP77, PP01, PP05 and PP12 patterns. In intermediate 65 flex in the PP26 and PP88 patterns and in a junior 45 flex version in PP26 and PP88.

Why should I buy the EK15?

Listed at $199.99, the EK15 is the lightest and most responsive stick on the market. It offers features superior to sticks in the $300 price range and provides unmatched puck feel and durability. The EK15 offers the best value and best performance on the market.

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